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Welcome in the Leathermen and Bikermen Community

CMF is a private community, to have access to this community you must create a profile.

This community is only for +18yo men (or considered as an adult in their country)

Prohibited content: childpornography, content that glorify hatred, violence …

Unregister visitors can only see the main pic of each CMF member.

The profile you’re going to create must match the tastes shared by all our members, leather  and / or bikers passion.

No porn main picture in your profile.

All member can create a gallery, maximum 8 pictures. Adults photos are accepted (except main photo ), ONLY FETISH PICS


The new profiles are checked by the administrator, and profiles without our fetishits interests will be suspended without notice and definitively.

Registration on the site is free for a trial period of two month and then a maximum annual contribution of 10 € will be requested via paypal to share the costs of maintenance and site hostingOf course you can stay with free access profile but some features of the site will not be accessible.

See you soon

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